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Easy audio mixer 2.3 released

This is a major update with the following updates:

  • Added Keyboard controller feature
  • Corrected Split function to be sample perfect
  • Fixed error with Flanger effect, not restoring correct delay value
  • Fixed automation behaviour, when resizing clips
  • Added Shuffle editing mode
  • Fixed some graphical glitches (Trimming clips left side... Waveform changing)
  • Added Clip properties on bottom panel
  • Added Align to clip move mode
  • Real time Effects can now be added not clips
  • Properties can be changed on multiple selected tracks at the same time
  • Added VST plugins support
  • Added “Move clip left/right” toolbar buttons
  • Added new effects: Stereo imager, Auto duck
  • Visual changes to the track view.
  • Added scrolling by holding down the middle mouse button, and then moving the mouse.

Easy audio mixer 2.2.1 released

This is a small update adding new GUI features

  • Added Track move/resize features using the mouse
  • Fixed change gain behavior with multiple clips/brush mode
  • Bottom panel can be minimized if needed

New app ! To M4A Converter released

To M4A Converter is a free tool to convert audio files to the Mp4 audio format.


Easy audio mixer 2.2 released

Some of the changes are:

  • Added export to M4a (Mp4 audio) feature under Win7 and up
  • Added option to browse for missing files when loading a project.
  • Last project is automatically loaded on start up
  • Corrected zoom behavior (mouse wheel)
  • Added shortcuts for:
  • Seeking (Left/Right keys, with CTRL and SHIFT modifiers)
  • Jumping between clips (Numpad 4 and 6)
  • Vertical Zoom (Page up-Page down)
  • Horizontal Zoom (Numpad +, - Keys)
  • Clip Gain: "G" Key
  • Fixed problem with automation not working properly on first two points

Important fix for Easy audio mixer

If you downloaded the new version and got the error:
"Unable to cast object of type CommonForms.frmAddAudioFile to type TrackEditor,ifmAddAudioFile" when trying to add an audio file.

Please download and install the software again. The problem has been fixed.


Easy audio mixer 2.1.3 released

Some of the changes are:

  • Improved zoom behaviour
  • New "Add music" quick access
  • Improved ASIO support
  • Miscellaneous fixes and GUI upgrades
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