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KB Piano 2.2 released

This version is a huge update to KB Piano, with great new tools and features. You can now export your work to wav files, and use soundfonts for instruments.

Download the new version now !


The ordering process has been updated.

Now, as soon as you finish ordering a product, you'll receive the full version of the software.


KB Piano 2.1.1 shareware released

This new version includes the Music Creator tool. With it, you can create songs even if you don't know anything about music theory.

You can download KB Piano from the Downloads section.


KB Piano 2.0 Shareware released

You can now download the latest version of KB Piano from the Downloads section.


KB Piano 2.0 beta released

This is a complete rewrite of KB Piano, with a lot of new features including:

  • 225 Sound patches (instruments)
  • Customizable sound effects for each channels (like reverb, echo, etc)
  • Support for External Midi Keyboard input.
  • Import/Export Midi files.
  • Can run with/without DirectX 8
  • 32 midi channels, and 99 virtual channels.
  • Qchords now supports guitar chords.
  • Variable recording/playback speed.
  • Customizable keyboard.

This version is only available for registered users. If you are a registered KB Piano user and haven't received the email with instructions to download the new version, please contact me.

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