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I need a "guitar amp" promotion !

I need to buy a guitar amplifier, so you can get KB Piano Pro for only 2.99 US$ and aGuitar Pro for only 4.90 US$.

This promotion will last until I buy a guitar amp.


KB Piano 1.1 released

This new version has some bugs fixed, and some new features added.

If you have problems downloading the file(when you try to install KB Piano the following message is shown: "the installer file is damaged"), try downloading from a mirror site(just click on the simtel logo on the downloads page).


KB Piano Updated

I received some emails telling me that there wasn't sound when running KB Piano. So I added a master volume bar, so you can change the midi device volume within the program.

Also, if you associate .kbp files with KB Piano(using the windows explorer), KB Piano will load them correctly.


aGuitar Pro 1.1 released

Also, I'm working on aGuitar Pro 2.0 right now, it's going great !. I've received a lot of suggestions, making it better. Thanks !

It will be finished in December or January.

Keep sending your suggestions !


Added a new software: KB Piano.

Convert your computer into a piano(Supports multi-channel recording/playback). Download it now, it's a Free software.


Site redesigned.

Website redesigned.


aGuitar Pro(Shareware version) v1.05 released.

Some bugs fixed, added HTML documentation.


aGuitar(Full version) v1.04 released.

Registered users should receive an email with instructions for download soon.

Also, a new Forum is available.


Added Register & Forum pages.

Now you can interact with other users in the forum.


Site Uploaded

Welcome to G.F. Software, a site where I’ll be uploading shareware software that I develop.

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