Archives for 2010

KB Piano version 2.4.3

This version fixes problems/crashes with the new engine.


Little Piano version 1.0.1

This version fixes a compatibility problem with Windows 7


KB Piano version 2.4.2

This version fixes problems/crashes when using the new engine.


KB Piano version 2.4.1

What's new:

  • Updated player engine. The player now works in a different thread, fixing skips of previous versions.
  • Fixed problem with KBPiano.dll not found on some systems.
  • Increased compatibility with High DPI settings.
  • Added drag copy feature inside the events editor (midi channels). Press the Control key while moving an event to create a copy of it.
  • Fixed problem in the events editor when viewing events from other channels (midi channels).
  • Updated filter feature inside the Patch selection window.

KB Piano version 2.3.5

What's new:

  • Fixed crash when using audio channels
  • Fixed crash when loading some files
  • Fixed clone function for audio channels
  • Fixed bug when using multiple soundfonts
  • Misc bugs fixed
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