KB Piano

    Version: 2.5.1

Multiple instruments

Let your imagination flow

One key chords

Don't need musical knowledge to start creating

Record audio

Sing or add real sounds to your projects

It's free

What's more to say ?

"KB Piano is the software of those uncommon and precious kinds, which have almost the same usefulness for both a complete novice and a serious professional in its area."
From the review by 3d2f.

Originally designed back for Windows XP, KB Piano is a virtual piano software. Just press the keyboard's keys and you'll hear sounds coming out of your speakers.

KB Piano is a very simple and powerful software. You can easily configure it to play using different instrument sounds (such as guitar, piano, violin). There are 128+ different sounds you can choose from. Also, it includes a tool called Qchords, with it you can play chords pressing only one key. If you don't play a music instrument, you don't have to worry, with Qchords your songs will sound great.

If you created a small song and want to record it, KB Piano includes all the necessary tools to create a professional quality song. Record using up to 99 channels and correct mistakes in your songs with the events editor.

If you are interested in playing just for fun or creating music, give KB Piano a try!


  • It's Free
  • Easy to use.
  • 128+ instrument sounds.
  • Play chords with one key using Qchords.
  • Play different styles, even if you don't know music theory.
  • Up to 99 channels.
  • Add audio tracks and record audio using a microphone.
  • Easily edit mistakes in your songs with the Events Editor.
  • Share your songs saving them as midi, wma and wav files that can be played in most computers.
  • Import songs from Midi files.
  • Customizable keyboard.
  • Add effects to channels (reverb, echo, distortion, flanger, chorus).


Image credits:
Cy21 / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

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