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 Topic: Sheet music downloads.
Sheet music downloads. [message #2349] Thu, 18 February 2010 04:33
Muirfield is currently offline  Muirfield
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Registered: February 2010
Junior Member
Does anyone know where I can download some sheet music for the KB Piano such as albums for the Hammond Chord organ? I used to have one with about a dozen albums. It was sold about 20 years ago. I searched the net without much success.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
 Topic: Notas de Piano
Notas de Piano [message #2334] Thu, 21 January 2010 12:46
perunga is currently offline  perunga
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Registered: January 2010
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Hola Mr. Fernandez y toda la comunidad del foro.

Me llamo Pedro Pino, vivo en New York y comienzo en esto de la musica mas bien obligado por mi hijo jajajajaja. Bueno en si soy Ingeniero de Hardware y Software hago todo lo que se pueda para ensamblar, arreglar, etc computadores, monitores, scanner, etc, adivinara que de musica nada de nada y en efecto asi es pero estoy en esto y me defiendo poco a poco.

Lo cierto es que mi hijo de 5 annos tiene una linda y melodiosa voz y el quiere cantar algunas canciones en espanol en su escuela, se sabe muchas pero quiere que le haga el background o fondo musica lo cual ya hice y tengo montado en el FL Studio que es un programa que compre para poder hacer y ensamblar la musica y el unico instrumento que le falta a mi background es el piano y por eso hago el post.

a ver si conseguia un buen pianista o uno malo con buen oido jajajaja pues yo de ninguna de las dos cosas tengo jajajaja, pues hay que extraer el piano de otra cancion, pues el quiere cantar el remake de una cancion.

Bueno las notas del piano que queremos nos ayuden a extraer son de esta cancion de youtube, abajo ponemos el link a ver si alguien nos ayuda a hacer el piano y por un precio razonable estariamos de antemano agradeciendo cuaquier ayuda amigos.

Mas preguntas nos pueden escribir a nuestro email, gracias de antemano.

 Topic: Duduk Soundfonts?
Duduk Soundfonts? [message #2323] Wed, 16 December 2009 21:51
JoeHarrison is currently offline  JoeHarrison
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Registered: August 2009
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Does anyone happen to have any Duduk (as in the instrument) soundfonts or know where I could get one (preferably free)? I have already tried sf2midi.com but for whatever reason they are still showing that error message when I try to download something that says, and I quote:

\"You are already downloading any file.\"

Even though I clearly am not downloading anything else.
 Topic: My Midis
My Midis [message #1589] Thu, 28 September 2006 14:58
djc is currently offline  djc
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Registered: September 2006
Location: Sacramento, Ca
Junior Member
I\'m a blind person and I\'ve written quite a few midis with different versions of KbPiano. I\'d like to invite you to download them for your enjoyment. Please visit my livejournal page to read my jernal and to download the midis and other things you might find interesting.
Please be sure to let me know what you think of my offerings. I write most of these just from my head. Thanks.
 Topic: You did it Gabriel
You did it Gabriel [message #1543] Sun, 06 August 2006 14:36
marbleslinger is currently offline  marbleslinger
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Registered: August 2006
Junior Member
Got the links to download... AGuitar Pro is excelent! All is good. Thanks for the fast response. I just wish service was this easy with the big name companies. Keep up the good work. I\'ll be looking into your other software.
 Topic: hi
hi [message #1303] Mon, 10 October 2005 14:15
mybluehair is currently offline  mybluehair
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hey people, im new Smile
 Topic: the program is coast moneyq
the program is coast moneyq [message #1015] Sat, 02 April 2005 03:47
KBPiano is not longer free software, the author has not so much time for programming...

It was to few donations to Gabriel.

 Topic: Making wave/mp3 files with KB Piano
Making wave/mp3 files with KB Piano [message #50] Wed, 05 November 2003 19:33
Gabriel is currently offline  Gabriel
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Registered: November 2011
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If you want you want to create mp3 or wave files using KB Piano, read this:

You can\'t save directly to a wave or mp3 file, but if you have Winamp, you can do this:
- Export the file to a Midi file.
- Load Winamp and go to the preferences window(Ctrl-P).
- Go to Plugins->Input
- Select Nullsoft MIDI player 3.01 (IN_MIDI.DLL)
- Double click on it, or select configure.
- In the Device combobox, select:
\"DirectMusic / Microsoft Synthesizer (with output)\"
- Press Ok.
Now, you can use winamp Output plug-ins to convert the Midi file to wav(Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in), or
other formats.

I made this Using winamp version 2.91

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