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Current versions:
    - Guitar and Bass: 1.0.4
    - Easy audio mixer: 1.0.5
    - KB Piano: 2.5
    - Just sing: 1.0
    - Little Piano: 1.1
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Welcome to the G.F. Software web site, home of Guitar and bass, Easy audio mixer , and KB Piano, and more.

Here you will find information and downloads of my products, as well as the user forum where you can ask questions.

To navigate through the site, please use the top bar.

Latest releases

  • 4/Mar/14: Little Piano 1.1 available. This version allows you to export your music to Windows Media audio files
  • 12/Jan/12: Little Piano is now freeware. You can still register the software to support the developers :)
  • 26/Nov/11: KB Piano version 2.5
    • Now supports VST Plugins (instruments and effects)
    • Various problems fixed.
  • 02/Nov/11: Easy audio mixer version 1.0.4
    • Fixed problems when adding marks.
    • Added Record again option (equal to undo last recording and pressing the record button).
    • Updated the overview to show marks.
    • Fixed random crashes
  • 01/Aug/11: KB Piano version 2.4.5
    • Fixed problem where some drum patterns would not play correctly.

  • 10/Jul/11: Easy audio mixer version 1.0.2
    • UPDATED EXPORT FUNCTION: Now the export function will work as fast as your CPU allows, saving time, and fixing skips if the CPU wasn't fast enough.
    • Added overview of project in the main window.
    • Now audio files loaded from a removable drive will be copied to the hard drive.
    • Improved load function against file errors.
    • Fixed issue in the level meters.
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