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Current versions:
    - Guitar and Bass: 1.2.1
    - Easy audio mixer: 2.3
    - KB Piano: 2.5.1
    - Just sing: 1.0
    - Little Piano: 1.1
    - To M4A Converter: 1.0
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Welcome to the G.F. Software web site, home of Guitar and bass, Easy audio mixer , and KB Piano, and more.

To navigate through the site, please use the top bar.

Latest releases

  • 17/May/19: Easy Audio Mixer LITE released.
    Enjoy this free version of our mixer software.
    Click here to download

  • 09/Feb/17: KB Piano 2.5 released as freeware.
    You can now enjoy this music creation software for free !
    Click here to download

  • 14/Nov/16: Easy audio mixer 2.3 released.
    This is a major update with the following updates
    • Added Keyboard controller feature
    • Corrected Split function to be sample perfect
    • Fixed error with Flanger effect, not restoring correct delay value
    • Fixed automation behaviour, when resizing clips
    • Added Shuffle editing mode
    • Fixed some graphical glitches (Trimming clips left side... Waveform changing)
    • Added Clip properties on bottom panel
    • Added Align to clip move mode
    • Real time Effects can now be added not clips
    • Properties can be changed on multiple selected tracks at the same time
    • Added VST plugins support
    • Added “Move clip left/right” toolbar buttons
    • Added new effects: Stereo imager, Auto duck
    • Visual changes to the track view.
    • Added scrolling by holding down middle mouse button, and then moving the mouse.
    Click here to download

  • 11/Jul/16: Easy audio mixer 2.2.1 released.
    This is a small update adding new GUI features
    • Added Track move/resize features using the mouse
    • Fixed change gain behavior with multiple clips/brush mode
    • Bottom panel can be minimized if needed
    Click here to download

  • 16/Apr/16: New software released.
    To M4A Converter is a free tool to convert audio files to the Mp4 audio format.

    Click here to download.
  • 30/Mar/16: Easy audio mixer 2.2 released.
    Some of the changes are:
    • Added export to M4a (Mp4 audio) feature under Win7 and up
    • Added option to browse for missing files when loading a project.
    • Last project is automatically loaded on start up
    • Corrected zoom behavior (mouse wheel)
    • Added shortcuts for:
      • Seeking (Left/Right keys, with CTRL and SHIFT modifiers)
      • Jumping between clips (Numpad 4 and 6)
      • Vertical Zoom (Page up-Page down)
      • Horizontal Zoom (Numpad +, - Keys)
      • Clip Gain: "G" Key
    • Fixed problem with automation not working properly on first two points
    Click here to download

  • 28/Feb/16: If you downloaded the new version and got the error:
    "Unable to cast object of type CommonForms.frmAddAudioFile to type TrackEditor,ifmAddAudioFile" when trying to add an audio file.
    Please download and install again the software. The problem has been fixed.
  • 27/Feb/16: Easy audio mixer 2.1.3 released.
    Some of the changes are:
    • Improved zoom behaviour
    • New "Add music" quick access
    • Improved ASIO support
    • Miscellaneous fixes and GUI upgrades
    Click here to download

  • 16/Dec/15: Easy audio mixer 2.1.2 released.
    Some of the changes are:
    • Fixed errors in copy/paste function when using automation
    • Improved High DPI compatibility
    • Added Drag copy feature
    • Updated clip colors for easier edition
    • Added right click context menu
    • Miscellaneous visual upgrades
    Click here to download

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